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A letter to the group of RuneScape Modernistic MMG

Hello anyone:

Over the beyond six years I’ve had the great joy to hold the post of President of Jagex. Right now I write for your requirements with deep are sorry for to inform everyone that this are going to be my seventh as well as final year on Jagex since this specific December leave this glorious company and this fantastic, dedicated and also talented team.

I’ve just been working with how and when to say goodbye not just to the amazing citizenry of Jagex, but, of course, our beloved community involving RuneScape. Both groupings played a central part in my own day to twenty-four hours in what seems like a lifetime, and I enjoyed the best of all the time One spent working with regard to both.

If I look back during the last seven years, most of us walked along far as a studio, and the greatest proof of it is RuneScape. Now within our fourteenth year in concert, RuneScape is even now evolving and reinventing itself time and again.

One of the actual accomplishments I am most proud connected with are our attempts to stop robots and gold lovers. When I signed up with the company, this became a big trouble for business, and had for years minus influence on the action and the local community. Today, the game is virtually free from bots and while using the introduction of oriflammes, collecting gold became almost nonexistent phenomenon. From a year we relieve oriflammes, I’m nonetheless very happy to determine so many participants reaping the important things about years of efforts and loyalty.

In 2009 I promised that we would likely begin to talk more with the city and keep all of them informed after ten years of what was perceived as silence from us. In the event that we go to 2014, I imagine that’s exactly what we did! The Returning of El Sáramo PvP and also free trade, the particular launch of RuneScape Nostalgic and, recently, the conventional mode, are all things that YOU selected!

Have fun,07 Rs Gold!
Thanks a lot,

Mark Gerhard

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