A glimpse at things to come

Well, I have to admit the show was truly… interesting. Rrt had been really just what I expected from good old Squenix, especially after the treat they gave us in FFXI Gil. Not like old fashioned anime-based J-pop weirdness to get a distraction. Without doubt it turned out entertaining and took my mind of the creatures that ate me for supper about an hour in advance. Hate it once i accidentally draw a mob.

Regardless, it seems like there are some other items in the works. It seems there’s a new version of FFXI in the works set for release in September. It promises to take a great end the Wings in the Goddess number of quests most of us have be running and initiate us on something new. That’s right folks, Scars is finally coming our way!

Likewise, skin plans for the people of people who keep playing XI after XIV drops. I’m really looking forward to the modern sport, but I must say i don’t want to just abandon Vana’diel to get a new toy. Besides, they’re intending on supporting XI for some time, which suits me properly. You won’t stop me from obtaining the Collector’s Edition of XIV when it reaches within the 22nd, however , there is no sense abandoning an excellent game when there’s much more up for grabs for doing this. Plus, they plan on giving folks still playing XI slightly bonus for maintaining it. It will have in game items for XIV, character transfer options, and lower monthly costs for XI. Meaning my budgets are freed up to buy ff14 gil to enjoy each of the new stuffs that are going to be coming out.

It also appears like they’ll be updating Trial on the Magians, too. They’re adding Armor Trials now, so this means sweet new life preservers for many people. They’re adding more Weapons Trials, too. I’m all to get a new, or otherwise vastly improved beatdown stick. Those would be the big things, however they may also be making some minor objective tweaks. Nothing major, just keeping all of it fresh.

Overall, we’re investigating some fabulous times from Cheap FFXIV Gil in the next month. I propose that you get yourself ready. I’ve not had time for you to check every one of the sites around, but I know how the site has some good deals going, and their delivery times take time and effort to get over.

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