Bad for Druids

Trolls are still the least-played Hordeside race (possibly the least-played race in the game, period) and so they are unlikely to impact the population advantage still held by the Night Elves, but I might have had to kill myself if Blood Elves got Druids to get WoW Gold.

Now, frankly, Troll racials are amazingly bad for Druids. This is the one area where Horde would have been better off getting Blood Elves as Druids; BE racials would have been fantastic for the class. Beast Slaying has situational use, and is not likely to have a significant impact on either PvE or PvP to get
world of warcraft gold. Bow and Throwing Weapon Specialization are both useless for druids.

Da Voodoo Shuffle is hardly a big deal for a class that can already shift out of most movement impairing effects. Regeneration is pretty meh. Helpful while grinding, to be sure, but as with Beast Slaying, it is situational about cheap wow gold.

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