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WoW Vanilla (or Classic, if yer feelin’ all nostalgic like) came out in 2004, which celebrating the tenth anniversary from the awesome RTS series (Plain ol’ Warcraft, fer you young ‘uns). It is 2014 (how much time have I been asleep?), which means it’s the tenth anniversary of WoW itself and also the twentieth of Warcraft: Orcs and Humans. Big Daddy Blizzard ‘s got a good deal available with Warlords of Draenor for many people to celebrate.

Warlords of Draenor will be the fifth expansion inside the MMO series which is likely to be released in the fall of 2014. It’ll further improve the level cap from 90 a great eye-watering 100, and definately will have a host of new features and lore to find out. The sport will perk up where Mists of Pandaria left off: Garrosh Hellscream has been overthrown by the combination of both Horde and Alliance forces and it has been taken into custody to face trial with the war crimes he committed within the peaceful land of Pandaria.

Unfortunately, Mr. Garrosh has was able to escape and has gone across space and time for you to another timeline on the globe of Draenor (the destroyed home planet from the Orcs that had been heavily featured inside second expansion, The Burning Crusade). The Draenor that players happen to be used to in the game is a completely destroyed fraction of the Orc’s home planet that floats hopelessly through space. This alternative Draenor is intact like a normal planet all of which will feature different biomes and landmasses. Confused yet? Store yer butts, ‘cus we aren’t done yet.

Garrosh has traveled over time in order to recruit the native orcs into a new Iron Horde that she hopes may ultimately conquer each one of Draenor and get over it through a Dark Portal to takeover Azeroth.

Players are certain to get to meet one of the most important and central figures in Warcraft lore, most of which haven’t been seen since Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness. Apart from the storyline itself, players and fellow nerds is going to be pleased to find a ton of latest features and updates that can keep cement WoW’s place as the tippity-top MMORPG around.

Car headlights the Pig’s Lookin’ Forward to one of the most:

Updated Classic Models – WoW arrived in 2004 and many of the models it uses haven’t been updated since. Occasionally, WoW Classic looks… hella janky. Warlords will supply a facelift for the original 8 races that arrived within the vanilla version.

Level boost – WoW: WoD will probably be bringing many classic Warcraft fans back to the action, so they will probably be giving players an opportunity to enhance one player straight to level 90 to buy the meat with the new expansion immediately. Certainly, you still here is a healthy method of getting sweet, sweet bacon, er… wow gold to ready and kick Iron Horde butt.

Player Garrisons – The main RTS series involved players commanding massive armies, and WoD gets returning to its roots. Players should be able to build bases with special structures including farms, armories, or workshops to learn NPCs and also have them just go and do the player’s bidding. This is a HUGE deal, people!

New dungeons like Heroic Upper Blackrock Spire – Upper Blackrock Spire (UBRS) was just about the most popular dungeons in vanilla WoW but hasn’t seen much action after that. It’s being cut back as a heroic dungeon using this type of new expansion. Prepare to die, lots. Unless you develop the aforementioned cheap wow gold to shore you up.