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The quantity of classes was that. Rogues had that awesome ability that could lock down a class utterly. The pace on the game was with a level that rogues could dominate so long as they had some survivability about safe wow gold. Then rogues got mutilate to fight in the front. Aren’t getting me wrong i always look foward to burst as a rogue. Every one of the wrong measures were taken when trying to fix our class.

Overkill is overpowered. Let me fully admit that about WoW Gold. For your record I don’t even like overkill I still find it stupid. Rogues will need to have burst since people have a thousand health and sustained doesn’t quite work anymore if you do not go mutilate with fast daggers and snd +expose up.

It is a real bandaid though. Take a look at that this game drastically went up in game pace. Casting which was once a technique as well as a thing game has become a massive joke. Paladins and shamans that is interrupted had been solely based on the ability to cast long heals. This gave druids and priests a maximum surrender arena about Cheapest WoW Gold.

As i mentioned before what rogues counter they have changed massively. Heres what counters rogues presently. Ret paladins, Hunters, Death knights, warriors, holy paladins, Feral druids. We hardly counter warlocks, priests, mages and resto druids. What rogues actually had survivability since they just weren’t dotted by every class amongst people. Hunters and death knights primarily.

They did not develop the “Armor” nonetheless they can survive by playing offensive and using croud control. With Icebound lolatude rogues usually do not even stand a chance while they are eaten away by dots for getting cheap wow gold. Cloak of shadows is a necessity for vanish. Evasion stinks and dismantle isn’t going to even faze dks or ret paladins.

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