Developers offer Runescape gold farmers Paroli

The developer of rs 2007 gold proceed against Goldfarming and inflation related : A new , designed for real money the developer Jagex currency called bonds should go ahead and take gold farmers the wind out of your sails .

Good developers to buy approximately 1 / 2 of monthly active players Runescape gold! The web role-playing game Runescape by Jagex , like most of its competitors to fight inflation by exactly one Goldfarming and bots . Mark Gerhard , CEO of Jagex , presented in a very computer game , a brand new currency , the Bonds . Why a fresh currency ? Using the developers to buy around 1 / 2 of monthly active players gold from organizations . The entire, the developers would like to put a stop , and that’s why these days there are bonds. A detailed explanation video you will find below this message .

You should purchase bonds in the developers themselves and spend amongst players because of articles in trade with other players , give friends or trade them Runecoins or against membership for real money . On this valuable currency , the developers wish to go ahead and take machinations of the third the wind from their sails , “Does your wealth in the game to pay for your membership , give to someone or clanswoman inside a safe manner Membership or exchanged items on the RuneScape game against Bonds . ” Gerhard describes the role in the bonds. Expose description for Bonds currency in Runescape is found on the official website . More information and news for Jagex MMORPG you please read on our topics page to Runescape.

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