Don’t you think the tracking puzzle was too confusing 07 Rs Gold ?


Don’t you think the tracking puzzle was too confusing 07 Rs Gold ? Why didn’t you employ numbers rather than a graphic because runes give 1, 2 and 3 points anyway? It’s to see the position of the red dot.

Mod Raven: Honestly no, then again folk have different numbers of puzzle tolerance. Numbers felt like simplifying it an excessive amount of. Rrt had been manufactured to be doable using a guide, to ensure that people that don’t like puzzles can skip it (the wiki had the solution high on the first day), but I needed that it is small challenge for puzzle fans.

07 Rs Gold

07 Rs Gold

In hindsight the dot happens to be better, which is the reason we patched within a modified version from the puzzle where there is absolutely no a “frequency” line on the puzzle. I didn’t think numbers were needed as possible easily count the gradient and i also didn’t want to make it look like we were handholding players. I think the new version should sit about right.

Why weren’t we able to    use our previous expertise in the Elder Gods to interact more with NPC’s? I bet Xenia might have loved to get known you’ll find others taking care of stopping the Elder Gods!

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