dungeon in tribal initiation region

Patch5.5 original battle through two scenarios to indicate cheap wow gold, but to catch BLZ progress which means this two scenes campaign was abandoned in 5.5 , as you move the section of the story could be from 6.0 appears.

Your next bit of info is the initial story : Jialuo Shen was exiled to Outland and locate a Brood of artifact. He uses many tribal hero artifact would cry , and with the use of artifacts will probably be pulled in to the new continent of Outland to ” reshape ” Delano , but this move allows the environment to become torn further .

The starting area is really a tribe perfectly located at the west side in the blade to new areas , where there exists frost wolf ‘s hometown, the industry main capital of scotland – the tribe occupied by their ogre fortress city.

Players will probably be contacted first dungeon in tribal initiation region , is an ogre underground rock cave , the ball player goes to rescue slaves.

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