Even outside of the tournaments

Even outside of the tournaments, you’ll be able to earn card packs at no cost just by winning in an exceedingly tournament. There’s a wide selection of tournaments, with the tougher ones offering a gold card pack additionally to the same old coin prize.

Team of the Week cards can crop up at random within the numerous purchased packs and within the transfer market. to search out out which of them they’re, go to the Team of the Week tab and make note of which cards are “in form” for the week. You’ll be able to find them on the transfer market later on, too – not by Fifa 15 Coins name however by league, club and position to create it straightforward.

Look for future events to crop up, likewise as featured card packs within the market and tournaments, which can offer rewards of special cards, as a result of that’s usually however it works. immediately as explicit  on top of there’s just one quest which provides you a special card. But like with the gold and rare cards, look for special cards on the transfer market too.

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