Everywhere you switch in the game

Everywhere you switch you’ll notice statues and banners celebrating a once-proud nation. there’s no hint of celebration during this blasted-out landscape. it might fly within the face of everything that the sport is setting up: violence is nothing to be celebrated, however one thing offensive, one thing terrible to be avoided, to be resorted to only there aren’t any different fifa coins choices. there’s no joy in corporal punishment your objectives, solely the satisfaction of getting done what was necessary for your mission.Voice acting in crack shot Elite V2, on the opposite hand, is very dead.

The German and Russian accents ar simply awful, and although I speak neither of these languages, nor am I capable of telling one Russian accent except for a second Russian accent, these voice actors clearly don’t knowledge to sound Russian or German.

One among the scientists that you just meet, Dr. Schwaiger, seems like he had solely ever detected a German accent throughout a B-movie regarding war II that he had seen just once. it’s one factor for generic troopers to own dangerous voice acting for fifa 14 coins , however once characters that ar central to plot cutscenes ar pictured poorly, it ruins the dramatic impact within the scene.

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