Fifa 14 Dependence In the Processor Isn’t Strong

In graphics part are able to see graphics performance in the game, there isn’t a obvious preference within the overall test score, with the limitation of shut off the overall game top frame all test card record the normal frames, and in the testing basic GT640 minimum test frames can reach over 80 frames, shows that the FIFA 14 Coins for sale¬†for hardware performance requirements are relatively low, normal entry-level showing platform could possibly get quite fluent getting referrals chang effect.

CPU core graphics compared with discrete graphics would have been a larger performance difference,quality of 5 integrated graphics platform, AMD’s two flagship and high-end positioning from the APU A10 along with several A8 platform in advance of Intel integrated graphics platform,even the high quality, as well as on 1920 x1080 resolution also took in more than 80 frames. Regarding Intel, the lowest HD4000 may obtain the average frame rate 60 frames,apparently integration platform have the chance to operate correctly “FIFA14″.

In general, the FIFA 14 games inside actual hardware performance requirements with the basic in step with its “FIFA 13 Coins“, dependent on the processor is not strong, the mainstream of dual core processor can basically fulfill the requirements. Performance requirements to the graphics card is additionally small, in 1080 p resolution and the superiority special effects,really the only should use is the core of integrated platform graphics card will do for your smooth running.

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