Ice mage output advantage in WOW

Ice technique of single pile damage seriously isn’t weak, 7 minutes of combat simulation, and the law underneath the 4 t15, 4 t16 was flat, begin to win after 580 with all the method after (BIS pure wooden war gap within 2%), no downtown BUFF clean wooden stake, ice wins the strategy 5% 10%, which explains why the recent appear more ice log strategy to buy wow gold with the reason, because other specialization in city proper stake is difficult to play ice approach to data (frost growth, bloodthirsty stage gain less than other specialization, so copy in the gap between ice and fire the smaller).

The prospective level with fire, 3 target slightly.After reducing the hearth, burn only 7% on the total damage, double goal contagion effect about 14-17% increase total damage (computing living bomb and infection to ignite and blasting DOT), greater than three goals and (hf-solvated AG2, 5, 7, 13) increased 20-25%, as well as the means of ice ice + ice lance be the cause of 28% with the total damage, beneath double goals increase 15-17% (including living gain).

Relatively good mobility, 25 h steel were the war battle succeeded each GCD keep output, ice floes, flash, instant skills of puncture and can guarantee the soundness of ice method in mobile warfare output.Strong AOE limited time (AG1/2/4/5 7/10/13/14), ice orb of monomer damage at around 300000, AOE damage adequate to the amount of AOE in direct combat, giving the ice.

5, the component of sorbet ring of small blame the ease of control and deep, the copy in the AG, multiple MOBS of BOSS war are controlled by the element of sorbet ring, not simply raise the ice cover, can also be convenient and deep part of the threat level MOBS.Special fight scenes, the part of water well (blow fly 6, 8 defense passive attack the component of water doesn’t have to halt, she interrupted phase, the component water will not likely affect the output).

Are aware of the output from the ice method advantage, can better utilize technique of ice.Explain my knowledge of the waste with no GCD, namely the BOSS like playing downtown stakes, all mobile ice floes and prompt skills, turn the fireplace frostbolt article read time switch target, cause no actual sense of your time wasted.

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