In the near future our one-and-only Mod Mark are going to 07 Rs Gold

As a whole Jagex as well as the RuneScape community have raised an enormous $275,000 for these wonderful and well-deserving charities. It is really an incredible amount the other that may really enhance the lives of men and women and creatures who really demand it. We couldn’t do it without all of you – thanks a lot!

Remember, RuneScape is not done so we promise to not ever stand still! 2015 provides a lot more exciting content into a display screen in your area, and with RuneLabs almost willing to launch you’ll not simply employ a hand in choosing this content we create, but usually conceive it yourselves!

In the near future our one-and-only Mod Mark are going to  07 Rs Gold be offering you exclusive comprehension of our plans for 2015 but for now, grab a mince pie, sit back, relax, to see our latest video.

I embroiled with Mods Osborne, Ana, Chris L, Boo, and Whalefish more than a lovely Christmas lunch to debate everything ‘RuneScape 2014’ – and don’t forget to share with you your individual thoughts on RuneScape in 2014 over on the forums.



Enjoy a Merry Christmas, as well as a Happy New Year to every and every one of you,

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