includes a big gap in endurance

T16 four-piece words with 5.4 to strengthen the eternal fire effect is very WoW Gold, recommended with conditions on the new in 1 set. Oahu is the effect of your respective technique everlasting fire glory fort SAN can’t only consumption and consumption, use can continue to consume st to others. Note 4 t16 consumes each of the glory on the stacked barrier layers.

Very general T16 twice. First once i was a student in the PTR if hurt the soul of talent for two main t16 treatment amount will than usual 60 seconds SAN on lower half, do not know if there is any formal suit. Secondly we open holy saso is generally to pay for Boss high damage, injury to this period of your energy is reduced, if damage is diao fry day usually open a holy saso is just not enough, must also match other skills, such number of subsequent treatment for 10 s in accordance with your body to maintain high revenge to the eternal fire hot treatment amount isn’t high, not only has formed overflow.

T15 four-piece belongs to strong, SAN on cover Boss high damage can almost guarantee 100% shield strike covered and have spare beans to cast eternal fire. Is not recommended when a hero 4 t15 dividing into 2 t16 + 2 t15 or bulk, combination, unless you have the forest of boss war includes a big gap in endurance.

T15 twice to the eternal fire talent is good, each time following turn up the blood from the everlasting additional physical attacks on the just a few seconds flat effect, generally in the Buff we are going to have 75% ~ 80% ingesting block ratio, to reduce 30% of melee attack damage. Within the range of the everlasting fire talent, this effect might stay around 45% coverage, during the time of heroes 2 t15 seriously isn’t recommended replacement the parts, unless you are in the forest of boss war carries a big gap in endurance.

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