Lord and Mod Mod Ian to go over the audio in RuneScape

Given the prosperity of our recent dating game between J-Mods and players, we decided to repeat the event. Now, you will have the means to meet Lord and Mod Mod Ian to discuss the audio in 2007 Rs Gold. Mod Lord, the fantastic master of sound even as we call it, would be the head of the audio Jagex. Mod Ian, who’s going to be also part of the audio team actually is your fourth employee joining Jagex, these days there are a lot more than several years! Yes, it was a while!

As was the truth in previous games, it is possible to post your questions ahead of time inside a dedicated thread on the forums. Only then do we translate these questions and try to get answers from Mod Mod Lord and Ian, using force when necessary. Only then do we post the questions from the forum ahead of the event. Feel free to ask any queries which come in your thoughts about the audio in RuneScape music, dubbing, the place to start a profession inside audio within the gaming industry, etc.. You can also ask them queries about RuneScape generally speaking, and they’ll try to give you an answer whether they can. Through the meeting itself, you’ll have the ability go over with Mod Mod Lord and Ian in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Meantime, you can observe or look at the episodes of Behind the curtain video on trading of audio in RuneScape.

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