No sooner did FIFA 14 received its first patch

How frequent that players’ losing connect or suffering stop motion football are countless, annoying fans who have been only told disconnected within the last minutes them to be on the verge of win the action; when eventually re-connect at this time that fans has quit and as a consequence they would be punished by losing multiplayer bonuses.

No sooner did Fifa Coins┬áreceived its first patch dubbed “Day One Patch” compared to following day’s its release for fixing bugs founded in the Skills Games and Creation Center modes on the game.

To cope with issues well over-powerd headers, finesse shots and game freezing which are aforementioned, the 2nd patch which is designed for PC users has landed on Xbox 360 elite and also the patch will apparently amount to 19MB of disk space.

There may be more. EA Sports creates the somewhat unusual move around in upgrading a farmer within the game based entirely on fan feedback and support. Fans of AC Milan shall be delighted as EA is upgrading striker Stephan El Shaarawy to 4 star Skills in Online Seasons, Head to Head, and Career Mode when playing EA Sports Football Club Match Day.

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