Playing Ultra Defensively

Using tactics in Fifa 14 Coins is commendable and obviously no problem. This can be before you are paired on a competitor playing 5 in the dust and with settings on ultra-defensive.

Fair enough, you want the single point for promotion, but still this method of ensuring a draw is sickening to FIFA fans worldwide. Again, this is an unspoken agreement between all players that you should select the win, after all it is possible to fun of computer if you can’t select those elusive over-head bicycle kicks, or make an effort to skill the full opposition available as one run.

This kind of play is the less in-your-face annoying as many of the different ways mentioned therein list, but nevertheless it is very frustrating to be playing against an impenetrable defence as being the score line remains at 0-0, not at all the 10-10 score lines you’re employed to on FIFA.

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