possible opportunity to 07 Rs Gold win Tunes voucher


Also, A high level person in the Premier Club, you should consider requesting entry to the Premier Club forum at the earliest opportunity, the initial Q&A will need place fastly and it would be a shame to miss out.

Finally, ‘Ponderable’ has set up a good PvP tournament for Tuesday 15th February. Synergy with a friend and challenge each other within the purple Clan Wars portal to become champion. Register with the PvP tournament now!

Samurai Selfie Competition

We asked you to channel your inner samurai and send us your very best Samurai Selfies, with the possible opportunity to 07 Rs Gold  win Tunes voucher and RS goodie-bag. We’d over 200 entries, and the standard was incredibly high, so well done to everyone who entered!

Our winner is:

Samurai Selfie Winner
Angelina! We loved the smoky effect in private, and thought the main shot was amazing.

Our runners-up, who each obtain a £10 Steam voucher, are:

Samurai Selfie Runner-Up 1
Patrick K! We loved this procedure shot, and the forlorn kirin pet desiring his samurai master.

Samurai Selfie Runner-Up 2
Lyak! We thought i thought this was a witty take on the brief, and matched the samurai mask’s expression brilliantly.

And our ‘special prize’ (and that is one of our Samurai puppets from my epic ‘What sort of Samurai Got His Colour’ Vine), goes to:

Samurai Selfie Special Prize
Kenny! This picture received  rs 07 gold probably the most votes in our Facebook gallery.

So congratulations! We’ll contact you via your in-game inbox to arrange the prizes.

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