Robin Van Persie but in FIFA 15 game

Striker No. 2 Sergio Aguero (ST, Manchester City)

Sergio has 90 Finishing and Dribbling, 87 Positioning, 86 Shot Power and Volleys. The ratings doesn’t look as good as Robin Van Persie but in FIFA 14 game, Sergio can be the most effective player with very powerful explosiveness. His 93 Acceleration and 85 Sprint Speed can break the offside trap and explode from the defensive line. You will find him insanely good to handle. It is true you can find faster strikers but no one can finish the shot under heavy pressure like Sergio does. His explode power makes him very reliable in 1v1 situation. That’s why we put him as our second Striker in FIFA 14.

Striker No.1 Zlatan Ibrahimovic (ST, Paris Saint-Germain)

Zlatan has always been the undeniably top striker in FIFA, ever since FIFA 04 on the PS2. He has 78 Sprint Speed, 93 Strength, 90+ Finishing, Ball Control and Power Shot, 86 Agility, 80+ Mental stats, and even 80 FK Accuracy. Besides, a 4*Weak Foot and 5* Skills. He is so powerful and easy to use that even rookie player with no FIFA experience can win matches with him. He alone can decide the result of a game. He is almost perfect as a striker in FIFA 14.

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