RuneScape comes in Spanish in Latin America

Today marks the discharge of 2007 Rs Gold in Latin American Spanish , our fourth localized version in the game now Spanish speaking players can get connected to web site hosting and enjoy the many texts fully translated Thurs There is also saved an online site and the state wiki in Spanish in Latin America. I will implement and translate the information to come to the Spanish version concurrently when we do for servers in English, German, French and Brazilian.

Understand that all localized versions of RuneScape share the same game saves, plus the Spanish version of Latin America isn’t a exception to this particular rule. This means that all non-repeatable quests as well as other content you have manufactured in a different language does not again become accessible in this new version in the game

If you would like hook up to the servers RuneScape Latin American Spanish, click on and choose the Spanish flag from the drop-down menu towards the bottom from the page. It’ll just log on and explore RuneScape Spanish!

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