RuneScape grows and growing Classic version

While using discharge of an updated version of MMORPG Runescape Gold , many thought that the classic version should have nobody cares. As well as the developers reported the quantity of users that have tried the classic version , still a million and keeps growing. The organization Jagex chose to restore the dungeon God Wars. Game producer Phil Mansell believes that classic server very close to the heart from the community. 89% in the players voted with the return on the dungeon. You have to fight with four bosses to have Godsword as well as other equipment. Just beneath you will discover a relevant video that demonstrates this dungeon in RuneScape .

The makers on the free browser MMO Runescape officially announce which the old-school version on the game has reached the initial million mark with regard to registrations.

In February this year, a retro version of the 2007 Runescape was placed on the marketplace by Jagex. Many classical set contains also follow the party. Matching the initial million but some content are now new. For example, new armor sets for ranged and melee of Runescape. Also, new weapons for the maximum level is probably not missing when it reaches this event, certainly. Since we now have, by way of example, the rod in the dead.

And before reaching usually the one million players of Runescape could vote, what new content they need to have. Was voted for your God Wars Dungeon, which is now finding their way.

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