Take advantage of the Heel Chop ability move

Finally, i take advantage of the Heel Chop ability move to form area in terribly jam-pawncked penalty areas.

It’s a four star move and there square measure a handful of how to try and do it, however i feel the best one is to carry LT or L2 whereas doing a pretend shot move – therefore powering up an attempt and cancelling with the short pass button – whereas inform the left stick within the direction you wish to cut.

It works best once you’re moving at speed and therefore the defensive players square measure being drawn towards you, making an attempt to stop an attempt. Once you chop the ball left or right it’s terribly robust for a defender to react in time to vary their FIFA Coins , which provides you the area to urge the shot away. I’ll usually attempt to find yourself with the ball on my player’s strongest facet if attainable however, just like the Weak Foot flip, this move is additionally helpful if your player in possession incorporates a four or 5 star weak foot.

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