The Economics Of WOW

World of war craft is a have 67 history of the network game, is still very fire, may in the game industry inside, yet the few equals. As mobile and Unicom for apple, net ease and the9 also once to war craft agency in China infighting. This is also our financial media about the topic of, but I found that, in the game a little financial story head.

Six years ago I remember the first time, built in azeroth.friend gave me five gold coin. So I fart dean happy to pack the five gold world run. More than a month later, my pocket with 100 gold, peremptory felt pouch abscesses, is very happy. This is the game brought simple happiness.

As a successful online game, world of war craft has a complete production and business systems. When a server and tens of thousands of active players, it has become an economic society. Simple happiness will soon replace by desire, we all hope to have better game equipment, thus competing with each other, or mutual cooperation. In the game as the currency’s virtual Wow Gold, natural became this kind of relation of the lubricant.

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