The enlightenment aura is not going to 07 Runescape Gold

Allow players to reroll harmony pillar skill focuses using vis wax
Perfect dungeoneering potion also to raise the chance of gaining dungeoneering journals
 Improve the farming XP gained on realization a harmony pillar
Add the juju potion effects to the perfect potion effects

 The enlightenment aura is not going to 07 Runescape Gold  shorten or cancel mid-agility course
The grass about the Hefin mountain to become improved
Graphically rework the crystal-flecked sandstone

Attuned crystal seeds to be made more prevalent, and from more sources
Dust cost for crystal tools and attuned weapons to get reduced. Hatchet and pickaxe will continue the identical.

Nonce used on increasing the effect of crystal weaponry
Soft clay spawn times to become made possible line with clay spawn times

Looking at the % possibility of triggering a crystal tool’s effect with eye to improving it
Move the crystal seed teleports to a interface, like the games necklace
Add Seren chisel to the God Statues
20-30% increase for the XP gained from shadow cores

Batch 2 titles to be given more suitable colours thus to their clan
Shadow cores to get removed as a daily challenge
 Potential for charms from Amlodd pickpocketing being improved, bringing it in lone after a while spent at charm sprites

Update the Amlodd obelisk model
Enlightenment to gain a buff icon,  showing the ball player when they’re under itse effects
Cleansing crystals for being made faster, and not as efficient as bones on a gilded altar

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