The modern Server Was Open

While using the World of Warcraft 5.4 patch – Orgrimmar upcoming battle to overthrow the dictatorial tyranny Garrosh Hellscream battle is getting ready to start. In order that we could better feel the new game content, i will be accompanied by decisive Orgrimmar patch at risk to spread out two new servers – the 1st region Antonidas PVE server plus the tenth largest district PVP server Salou drawing.More cheap wow gold,you will see our website.

Antonidas six former parliamentary leader with the Kirin Tor, Jaina general molar lady teacher. He spent my youth to stand right out of the Magic Academy, is among the most outstanding historical Dalaran Archmage. Face Arthas and the undead army, he come forward to guard the homeland, killed. His deeds earners set a shining example. His achievements, courage and memory, is a hundred by the tribulations on the old school has left us a precious heritage, but additionally open up a new era of our own cornerstone. In this particular war-torn world, the revolutionary alliance is standing less. Although it is fragile, however it is our memory with the son of Lordaeron bravest and greatest hero the best way.

Sacrolash, Eredar demons Sunwell fourth leader – Eredar Twins among Shadowcaster. Like a high-level aide Kil’jaeden, fierce and fanatical servants, she guarded the Sunwell Plateau, attacking anyone who wants to stop the invasion with the Burning Legion people. In order to stop the advent of Kil’jaeden, the heroes of Azeroth just the last chance to save the entire world from wow gold for sale.

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