This mmorpg Internment Camps

Following the Second War, the orc forces on the Horde were ushered off into internment camps and locate. To be sure, there will probably not preferential treatments for that war’s prisoners. It so does for your remaining orc forces of the Horde. As prisoners from the war, these were given cruelty. What’s worse, they succumbed to a strange lethargy and didn’t have the passion to fight. Thrall famously liberated the orcs using their company cruel prisons and led these phones freedom, a long way away from any Alliance settlement, intent on restoring these phones their noble heritage — heritage he’d heard tales of. Thrall was, of course, raised by humans, not orcs. What he’d discovered orcish heritage was tales told through Grom Hellscream and later, Drek’thar.

But let’s back an additional. Yes, the orcs weren’t exactly treated kindly inside the internment camps — we were holding prisoners of war, of course. But the expereince of living from the internment camps was obviously a moment of mercy on the world of warcraft gold. Both Thoras Trollbane and Genn Greymane wanted the orcish race slaughtered to the very last after the Second War. It had been King Terenas who insisted that this orcs be imprisoned. He was convinced that the orcs would start to see the errors of these crimes. His actions put a rift inside Alliance of Lordaeron that eventually tore everything apart. Genn left the Alliance of Lordaeron over it.

In reality, that strange lethargy was a source of concern with the Alliance. Archmage Antonidas was researching it because those considered that it had been some type of disease, and didn’t want it to spread. He theorized correctly — how the orcs had been under demonic influence, and this influence was simply wearing off. If Terenas hadn’t shown a second of mercy, there would be no new Horde today.

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