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Now the animations tend to be fluid, players more lifelike and, in general, the football facet of Konami , of Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 is much nearer to that which you see on our TV every weekend. The jump is amazing and profound work, even to mechanical play between players, for example within the struggles and how to protect the ball-much shorter distance between him with his fantastic rival in connection with this as relevant.

Martin Tyler and Gonzalez have won the battle every year virtual commentator with the series FIFA 14 Coins. The bottom line is the emotion that know their dialogues print, though comments are recycled from year upon year in order to include lines of text just married not too much reality.But not yet officially confirmed the involvement of these two journalists in FIFA 14 , it really is expected that such collaboration finish performing.

As for the other details that affect the sound section, we may not at the title more worked-it improved the plethora of songs, for instance-however the good work in neuro-scientific environment, the voices with the players, the sound hit the ball … Generally we can say that FIFA 14 is is closer dive right into a game of football than its competitor.

Perhaps most recent from the sound section in these titles is the amount of the commentators that embellish games. In the matter of Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 this role possibly choose instead Julio Maldonado ‘Maldini’ and Carlos Martinez. While its rate of commentary and dynamism isn’t the the most suitable, you need to know that they’ve got improved nowadays. However still not even close the very best quality radio football broadcasts.

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