Website traffic gold farmers

Suppliers, we felt who’s was crucial that you give the community precisely how serious we are within our efforts to combat this sort of abuse. Blizzard has filed a federal lawsuit contrary to the operators of Peons4hire, a favorite gold-selling organization which many of you’ve got no doubt seen advertised. Within the lawsuit, the operators of Peons4hire are asked to immediately cease all in-game spamming efforts by all entities and websites under what they can control.

Detail organization refuses to act accordingly, further legal action is going to be taken. We’ll be sure you help you stay posted on the progress of the topic.

Website traffic gold farmers use bots along with other annoying spamming efforts to solicit WoW players in game, they’ve be a major annoyance anytime you happen to be in the game trying to perform a little grinding or gold farming of your personal. Fortunately, because release of Blizzard’s spam filters, many of the most egregious spam has stopped, however it is going to take far more diligence on Blizzard’s part to finally squeeze trade a real income for gold to nap. This first round of cease and desist orders, though, is usually a step up the best direction. Along with Ebay’s actions, this would greatly assist to level the playing field for players who want to just enjoy the game without spending hundreds of dollars just to get caught up with other players. It’s definitely one step inside the right direction.

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