WoW New Daily Areas and Companion Pets

Millions of new achievements have been added to the PTR for the patch 4.2 world of warcraft gold , including the Molten Front and the Regrowth achievements.

Blizzard has stated that a bunch of the encounters in the new daily hubs will be linked to “raid-type” damage dodging and healing, so it is nice to see achievements and more wow gold for some feats. Some of the achievements hint show up in unexpected places. Also, pet collectors are going to jump for joy, as collecting 100, 125 and 150 pets now rewards players with pet biscuits for 100 and 125, and a new pet at the 150 mark.

The most interesting achievement is WoW’s 7th Anniversary, which allows players to transform the appearance of their tabard but still retaining the bonuses the tabard grants. While it isn’t tied to an achievement, this build also brought us a Keg Pony for Brewfest, not to be confused with a Pony Keg or sth like wow gold for sale .

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